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The Brister 100 Network

My wife, Dusti, and I have been privileged to serve God and His glorious purpose for the past 12 years together. During that time, God wonderfully provided us three children: Nolan, Aiden, and Adelyn. God’s faithfulness has been evident throughout our journey as a student pastor (2001-2004), seminary student (2004-2008), associate pastor (2008-2014), and nonprofit organizational leader (2015 – present). We are grateful that you have taken a few minutes to check out our website! Please allow us to share with you what this site is allow about…

What Is the Brister 100?

plntd_logoFrom 2008-2015, I (Tim) have served as an associate pastor of Grace Baptist Church (Cape Coral, FL). During that time, God opened up two new doors for ministry and mission. One of them was planned in my head as a passion, and the other fell into my hands as a providential work of God. In the summer of 2009, I started the PLNTD Network as a means of engaging church planters and church planting churches who are gospel-centered, missionally-driven, distinctively Baptist, and confessionally Reformed.

THC-Logo_HorizThe following year (2010), the devastating earthquake in Haiti took place, and God caused my path to intersect with an indigenous network of Haitian churches under the leadership of Pastor Odanis Joseph. After a vision trip and subsequent report, I led our church to begin working in Haiti the following year to provide relief, rehabilitation, and development initiatives. Recognizing the massive need and opportunity was bigger than what any one church could undertake, I invited other churches to consider joining us, and in January 2012, The Haiti Collective was birthed.

GSi Banner Logo for B100 (1170w)As PLNTD and The Haiti Collective continued to grow organically in their infancy stages, I continued to serve as a pastor and elder of Grace. However, the demands of ministry expansion continued to take a toll on my effectiveness in all areas of work, and the development of these new works required more attention, oversight, infrastructure, and opportunity to flourish. So in March 2014, I formed Gospel Systems, Inc., which became the umbrella entity for both PLNTD Network and The Haiti Collective. By forming GSi, we were able to refocus and realign our work, together through a unified vision, new board of directors, advisory team, and administrative team to fuel the work moving forward.

With all the progress that we made, there was still one major need. In 2014, it was decided that I should transition full-time with Gospel Systems, Inc. in order to devote my full-time attention to developing the works God had entrusted to me. While The Haiti Collective and PLNTD Network are capable of supporting their own programs and initiatives, they are not capable of supporting the operational and administrative needs without significantly affecting the work we are doing on the ground. In short, the work has been efficient on the field but not sufficient in the office.

Insert The Brister 100 Network.

In the world of nonprofit organizations, a strong, diverse donor network is critical for long-term sustainability as well as increasing current capacity to accomplish our mission. As we transition to full-time, we are asking God for 100 families, churches, businesses, and/or organizations to join the Brister 100 Donor Network. Through this network, we are confident that we will have sufficient support to accomplish all that God has called us to do.

Why Does It Matter?

The Brister 100 Network is a game changer for us. Churches have a minimum of 52 opportunities for “donors” to give throughout the year. Nonprofit organizations like Gospel Systems (The Haiti Collective) have to create those opportunities. The Brister 100 Network creates a pathway for supports to invest in the work we are doing by allowing us to continue to serve full-time leading this organization. Consequently, the maximum amount of resources and funds given for ministry purposes are directed for ministry causes on the ground. Without your support, this simply would not be possible.

What Are the Outcomes?

You might be asking, “What are the outcomes or results of joining The Brister 100 Network?” By being one of the 100 supporters, you are helping us see lives, families, churches, and communities impacted with the gospel of Jesus Christ in four primary ways based on the outworking of the Great Commission:

  1. Making Disciples – At the heart of everything we do is making, maturing, mobilizing, and multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ. And as we seek to model this in our own lives, we are implementing systems and processes that are simple and transferable so that others can put them into practice.
  2. Developing Leaders – We are passionate about discovering, developing, and deploying emerging leaders in and through the local church to bring about transformation in the world.
  3. Planting Churches – Jesus promised to build His church, and we have staked our lives on the beauty and power of that promise by seeking to plant and reproduce church planting churches.
  4. Caring for Orphans – God has providentially placed us in the heart of the orphan crisis in the world, and we are working hard to implement measures that will not only give them a better life now but a more promising future as well.

How Can I Join the Brister 100?

We humbly and sincerely thank God for all of you who are prayerfully considering the opportunity to join The Brister 100 Network. We believe this family of supporters will become just that for us–family. It is more than the ongoing financial pipeline to fuel the mission. For us it is an army of intercessors who pray not just for us but everyone potentially impacted by the work we are doing. It is a loving community shaped by generosity and sacrifice who enters into our story and plays a big part in it as well.

To sign up and join the Brister 100 Network, simply click on the button below. Thank you!

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What Others Are Saying . . .

"I consider it a privilege to support Tim in his ministry through The Haiti Collective. His deep love for the Lord and his sincere passion for the gospel permeate every aspect of his life. It shapes how he leads his family, how he serves his church, how he engages his community, and how he ministers in the world. I am so thankful that God in His kind providence has caused our paths to cross. God is clearly at work building His church in Haiti and I look forward with great anticipation to seeing the wonderful things He has in store for the ministry of The Haiti Collective under Tim’s leadership, for His glory and the advancement of His kingdom."
- Chuck Towne, Director of Child Sponsorships, The Haiti Collective

"There are so many reasons why my family has chosen to support Tim Brister and The Brister 100. Simply put we believe not only in the man but the mission God has called him to. I personally have had the privilege of seeing the inter workings of The Haiti Collective, PLNTD and Gospel Systems Inc. and I could not be more pleased with Tim’s leadership and what God is doing through this ministry. I am truly thankful to play a small role in supporting Tim as he makes disciples, develops leaders, and plants churches for the glory of God."
- Johnny Grimes, Executive Director, Altar84; Board Member, Gospel Systems, Inc.

"I consider it an honor and a privilege to support the The Brister 100. I have been serving as Tim's Virtual Assistant since May of 2012, and I have been tremendously blessed by knowing Tim and having a small part in the ministries that he leads. Tim truly walks the talk. His heart is burdened to reach those that do not yet know our Lord, as well as to continually disciple and encourage those that do. Tim has a passion to serve not only those in Haiti, but he also purposes to be an example of Christ's love in his own neighborhood or wherever God should have him be."
- Colleen Garcia, Executive Assistant, Gospel Systems, Inc.

“As someone who also raises support for doing gospel ministry (Plant Yorkshire), I can say without hesitation that if someone asked me if they should invest in the Bristers or in supporting us, I would enthusiastically say, “By all means, support the Bristers!” I've known Tim since my college days, and we went through seminary together. If I was doing one thing, he was doing ten (and doing each of his ten with more energy and gusto than I was doing my one). I have long referred to Tim as “The Great Doer.” You'd be wise if (like the Macedonians) you “begged with much urging for the favor of participation in the support of [this] saint” (2 Cor 8:4). I think each partner will be eternally glad to have been part of the Brister 100.”
- K.J. Pugh, Church Planter, Yorkshire, England